Epson M244A Driver Download

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Epson M244A Driver Download

Post by Bobbie » Fri Dec 31, 2021 8:53 pm

I recently acquired an Epson M244A printer for my home office, but I'm having trouble finding the appropriate driver for it. I've tried searching on the Epson official website, as well as several driver download websites, but to no avail. Could someone please provide me with a reliable link to download the driver for my Epson M244A printer? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Epson M244A Driver Download

Post by Detective » Sat Jan 01, 2022 4:24 pm

Below you can download epson m244a driver for Windows.

File name: epson-m244a.exe
Version: 6.961
File size: 13058 MB
Upload source: torrents
Antivirus software passed: Panda v 4.71

Epson M244A Driver Download

(click above to download)

Device Specification:

Device: Epson M244A
Type: Thermal Receipt Printer
Model: M244A
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet
Supported Interface: RS-232, Parallel
Printing Method: Thermal line printing
Printing Speed: Up to 200mm/second
Resolution: 203 x 203 dpi
Paper Type: Thermal paper roll
Paper Width: 80mm (3.125 inches)
Paper Thickness: 0.053 - 0.084mm
Auto Cutter: Yes
Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Troubleshooting Questions and Answers:

1. Why is my Epson M244A not printing?

- Ensure that the printer is powered on and connected to the computer properly.
- Check if the printer has enough paper in the paper roll and if it is properly aligned.
- Make sure the printer drivers are installed correctly. Try reinstalling them if necessary.

2. How do I fix paper jams in my Epson M244A?

- Turn off the printer and open the paper cover carefully.
- Gently remove any jammed paper by pulling it in the direction of the paper path.
- Check for any torn or obstructing pieces of paper and remove them. Close the paper cover and turn on the printer to resume printing.

3. Why is my Epson M244A printing faded receipts?

- Ensure that you are using high-quality thermal paper rolls designed for the Epson M244A.
- Check if the paper roll is properly loaded and not running out. Replace it if necessary.
- Clean the thermal print head using a soft, lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Gently wipe the print head in the direction of the paper path.


Re: Re: Epson M244A Driver Download

Post by Bobbie » Mon Jan 03, 2022 1:09 pm

Thank you so much for sharing the link to the working Windows driver for the Epson M244A device, I was desperately in need of it and this has been a huge help!

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