Core 2 Duo E4500 Graphics Driver

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Core 2 Duo E4500 Graphics Driver

Post by Tommy1987 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 3:10 am

I am having trouble finding the graphics driver for my Core 2 Duo E4500 processor. I have searched extensively on various websites and even contacted the manufacturer's support team, but I haven't been successful in locating the specific driver I need. Could someone please provide me with a direct download link to the driver? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Core 2 Duo E4500 Graphics Driver

Post by Detective » Fri Dec 31, 2021 4:46 am

Below you can download core 2 duo e4500 graphics driver for Windows.

File name: core-2-duo-e4500-graphics.exe
Version: 5.570
File size: 17046 MB
Upload source: manufactuter website
Antivirus software passed: Avira ver. 4.22

Core 2 Duo E4500 Graphics Driver

(click above to download)

Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200
Operating System Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Interface: PCI Express 2.0
Memory Size: 1GB DDR3
Memory Interface: 64-bit
Connectors: DVI-I, HDMI, VGA
DirectX Support: 11
OpenGL Support: 4.2

Troubleshooting Questions and Answers:
1. Q: The display is flickering and showing artifacts, what could be the issue?
A: This could be due to a faulty graphics driver or insufficient power supply. First, try updating the graphics driver. If the issue persists, check if the power supply is supplying enough power to the GPU.

2. Q: My computer freezes or crashes when running graphic-intensive applications, what should I do?
A: This issue could be caused by inadequate cooling or overheating of the GPU. Ensure that the GPU fan is functioning properly and clean any dust or debris from the heatsink. If the problem persists, consider applying new thermal paste and reseating the GPU.

3. Q: The display resolution is not being recognized correctly, what steps can I take to fix it?
A: Start by checking the display cable connections and ensuring they are firmly plugged in. If that doesn't resolve the issue, try updating the graphics driver to the latest version. Additionally, verify that the monitor and GPU support the desired resolution.


Re: Re: Core 2 Duo E4500 Graphics Driver

Post by Tommy1987 » Sat Jan 01, 2022 4:59 am

Thank you so much for sharing the link to the working windows driver for Core 2 Duo E4500 Graphics, it's really helpful!

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