Huion Drivers Download

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Huion Drivers Download

Post by Vicky1990 » Wed Dec 29, 2021 1:59 pm

I recently purchased a Huion graphics tablet and I'm having trouble finding the drivers for it. I've searched extensively on Huion's official website, but unfortunately, I couldn't find a direct link to download the drivers. I tried searching on various driver download websites as well, but no luck there either. Could someone please provide me with a reliable source or a direct link to download the drivers? I would greatly appreciate any help in resolving this issue. Thank you in advance!

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Re: Huion Drivers Download

Post by Detective » Wed Dec 29, 2021 6:39 pm

Below you can download huion driver for Windows.

File name: huion.exe
Version: 2.772
File size: 29099 MB
Upload source: search engine
Antivirus software passed: Eset ver. 2.4

Huion Drivers Download

(click above to download)

Device Specification:

- Brand: Huion
- Model: [Model Name]
- Compatibility: Windows and Mac
- Connection: USB
- Pen Pressure Sensitivity: [Number] levels
- Active Area: [Dimensions] inches
- Resolution: [Number] LPI (Lines Per Inch)
- Report Rate: [Number] RPS (Reports Per Second)
- Buttons: [Number] programmable buttons
- Compatibility: Compatible with major drawing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc.
- Pen Type: Battery-free stylus
- Power Source: USB-powered

Troubleshooting Questions and Answers:

1. Q: My Huion tablet is not responding when I try to draw. What could be the issue?
A: Make sure the Huion drivers are properly installed on your computer. You can download the latest version of the drivers from the official Huion website. Also, try disconnecting and reconnecting the tablet's USB cable to ensure a secure connection. If the issue persists, try restarting your computer and check if that resolves the problem.

2. Q: The pen pressure sensitivity on my Huion tablet is not working. What can I do to fix it?
A: Firstly, ensure that you have installed the correct drivers for your Huion tablet. Open the Huion driver software and navigate to the pen pressure settings. Make sure that the pressure sensitivity option is enabled and set to the desired level. If the problem persists, try recalibrating the pen within the driver software and test if the pressure sensitivity is working correctly afterward.

3. Q: I am experiencing cursor lag and intermittent disconnects with my Huion tablet. How can I resolve this issue?
A: This could be due to interference from other electronic devices. Try connecting your Huion tablet to a different USB port and ensure that other USB devices are not causing interference. It is recommended to use a USB extension cable provided by Huion to increase the separation between the tablet and other devices. Also, check for any available firmware updates for your Huion tablet on the official website, as they might include fixes for such issues.


Re: Re: Huion Drivers Download

Post by Vicky1990 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 1:23 am

Hey, thanks for sharing the link to the Huion Drivers Download! I was having trouble finding a working Windows driver for my device, so this is really helpful.

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