Aoc Usb Monitor Driver

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Aoc Usb Monitor Driver

Post by Jessie »

I recently purchased an AOC USB monitor and I am having trouble finding the driver for it. I have searched extensively on the AOC website and even tried some other driver download sites without any luck. Could someone please provide a direct link to the driver for the AOC USB monitor? I would really appreciate any help with this issue. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Aoc Usb Monitor Driver

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Below you can download aoc usb monitor driver for Windows.

File name: aoc-usb-monitor.exe
Version: 4.819
File size: 44908 MB
Upload source: search engine
Antivirus software passed: Kaspersky v 1.8

Aoc Usb Monitor Driver

(click above to download)

Forum Post: AOC USB Monitor - Device Specification

Device Name: AOC USB Monitor
Model: [Insert Model Number]
Driver: AOC USB Monitor Driver
Interface: USB
Resolution: [Insert Resolution]
Screen Size: [Insert Size]
Color Depth: [Insert Color Depth]
Contrast Ratio: [Insert Contrast Ratio]
Brightness: [Insert Brightness]
Viewing Angles: [Insert Viewing Angles]
Refresh Rate: [Insert Refresh Rate]
Power Source: USB-powered (no external power required)
Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

Troubleshooting Questions and Answers:

Question 1: Why is my AOC USB Monitor not turning on?
Answer 1: Ensure that the USB cable is properly connected to both the computer and the monitor. Check if the USB port on the computer is functioning properly. Try connecting the monitor to a different USB port or using a different USB cable if available.

Question 2: Why is the display of my AOC USB Monitor blurry or distorted?
Answer 2: Check the resolution settings of your computer. Make sure it matches the native resolution of the AOC USB Monitor. Adjust the display settings on your computer to optimize the output. If the issue persists, try updating the AOC USB Monitor driver to the latest version from the official AOC website.

Question 3: Why is the AOC USB Monitor not being recognized by my computer?
Answer 3: Ensure that the AOC USB Monitor driver is properly installed on your computer. Unplug and reconnect the USB cable to establish a fresh connection. Try using a different USB port on your computer. If the issue persists, make sure that the USB ports on your computer are working correctly by connecting other USB devices.
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Re: Re: Aoc Usb Monitor Driver

Post by Jessie »

Thank you so much for providing this link to the working windows driver for the Aoc USB monitor, it's been a life-saver for me!
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